Professional Standard

NIMRA has drawn up a Code of Practice covering the gathering and dissemination of information.

Training & Education

Training is a vital part of professional development & NIMRA places a strong emphasis on this.

External Relations

The Association aims to represent the views of members on relevant issues in the public domain.


Information Service

NIMRA maintains a database of members and distributes this information in response to enquiries.


Recognized Agencies

We have over 80 agencies plus individuals registered with us. All professionals registered with us are exposed to a variety of opportunities to network with stakeholders in the market and to stay in tune with the trends and developments in the field of market and opinion research.


Success Stories Annually

Value is delivered to diverse clients through the insights provided from research projects.The Association supports its members through exposure to internationally accepted trade guidelines and the expansion of intellectual capacity which translate to strict adherence to business ethics and the use of advanced methods in conducting research.


Training Sessions & Seminars Offered

An organization is only as good as its members and because we believe that the industry is dynamic, we offer many opportunities to both our accredited agencies and to clients so that they are abreast with current trends in the market research industry.


Uniting Force

We recognize that for us to grow we must help our members to find paths to growth. NiMRA believes that the interests of each member are bound with the interests of all; that is what makes our own strength meaningful. Every researcher in Nigeria is bound by our code; by our trade ethics and by our beliefs. We are one.


Professional Training is always available. Members can additionally take advantage of the periodic Webinars to learn about latest trends and technologies as shared by industry experts. The Secretariat also offers a mini-Library for use by members only.


The Association’s articulate Code of Practice provides reference for ethical practice, self-regulation and protection against malpractices and bad actors. Member adherence inspires confidence in Clients.


The Quarterly Newsletter shares current news in the industry and is available to members so that they are abreast with current happenings in the business. The Newsletter is also available on the Members-only pages of the NiMRA website.

We have different categories of membership to suit your status.

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Why join us

We support marketing research professionals in Nigeria!

  • Highest technical standard.
  • Engage the services of professionals.
  • National and/or international legislation.
  • Skills Aquisition, Training/development Programmes.
  • Provide technical and professional knowledge
  • Professional Membership
Joy Uyanwune

“Our goals address the important factors that need to be established for the sake of inspiring an even higher confidence in our functions as research practitioners. The Association is building a structure that supports local research providers through training, exposure to global industry trends and new knowledge and shall continue to provide opportunities for great business networking for practitioners in the country.”

Joy Uyanwune / President / NiMRA.

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