The formation of NiMRA as a professional association is borne out of the desire to formulate, enrich and improve professional activities and conduct of people and individuals interested in or involved in compiling or using marketing, social or economic research.

The Nigeria Marketing Research Association, NiMRA, was established to provide a forum within which research practitioners can work together in a spirit of cooperation, support and mutual goodwill to ensure professionalism in the industry. The Association attracts membership from those who spend a major portion of their professional time in planning, directing, executing, interpreting or presenting marketing research projects.


We have something to be proud of!


Recognized Agencies

We have over 80 agencies plus individuals registered with us. All professionals registered with NiMRA are exposed to a variety of opportunities to network with stakeholders in the market and to stay in tune with the trends and developments in the field of market and opinion research.


Success Stories Annually

Value is delivered to diverse clients through the insights provided from research projects.The Association supports its members through exposure to internationally accepted trade guidelines and the expansion of intellectual capacity which translate to strict adherence to business ethics and the use of advanced methods in conducting research.


Training Sessions & Seminars Offered

An organization is only as good as its members and because we believe that the industry is dynamic, we offer many opportunities to both our accredited agencies and to clients so that they are abreast with current trends in the market research industry.


Uniting Force

The Nigerian Marketing Research Association is the backbone and voice of practitioners and consumers of marketing research, opinion and social research, data analytics, social media analytics as well as for those in complimentary research functions. NiMRA unites all practitioners in the market under one proficient umbrella.


  • Highest technical standard.
  • Engage the services of professionals.
  • National and/or international legislation.
  • Skills Aquisition, Training/development Programmes.
  • Provide technical and professional knowledge
  • Certification of field interviewers
  • Professional Membership.

Our Skills

70% / Marketing

90% Market Research

80% / Advertising

60% / Management

Our Values

Researching your market prior to entering a business is a sound decision for any business owner. By setting the standard high from the start, you will be in a better position for sustained growth.

Professional Support

Minimize risk. Just like any situation, if you come prepared you will be less likely to loose and more likely to win.


Nothing improves communication skills better than a little person to person contact at our conferences and development programs.


Create benchmarks to help you measure progress by setting the standard high from the start.

Management Team

We inspire and empower and engage Marketing Research Professionals in Nigeria.

Oluwaseun Oyelaja
Ugo Geri-Robert
Vice President
Paul Nnanwobu
Secretary General
Alexan Carrilho
Assistant Secretary General
Shadrach Abiodun Egbeniyi
Financial Secretary
Lauretta Olubayo
Secretary General
Elizabeth Onoja

NiMRA Partners

We support marketing research professionals in Nigeria.

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