Dear Colleagues,

We are passing through trying times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Nigeria as at March 25th2020, we already have 46 recorded cases and one death and new cases are rising. The Federal and State Government has taken some preliminary measures which we at NiMRA (The Nigeria Marketing Research Association) think will help to contain the further spread of the virus to our larger population.

We urge all the Marketing, Social and Opinion Research community in Nigeria to take this measures with utmost seriousness to safeguard their lives and that of their families and employees. We are aware of the stress associated with the new orders and measures by state governments at the impending lock down and the impact it is already having in our businesses but we must remember that to save life, we must guard it. This is a worldwide unprecedented phenomenon and everyone is feeling the impact as the virus is taking its toll.

The Nigeria Marketing Research Association will like to make the following recommendations as we navigate these trying times.

  1. Virtual Offices: Some many companies like ours are considering moving to virtual offices or working from This is the best way to comply with the directive of social distancing policy and safeguard you and you’re your employees. If you intend to do this, please be also mindful of security and remote access policies. Data protection and privacy laws will apply. Know about them. Be sure to know how to handle project related files and not have them circulate in unprotected email.
  2. Stay Connected: This can be done via regular calls or chat groups with your team members to keep up with every member of your team and ensure they are fine and up to date with new Do not leave anyone out. There are other platforms you can use such as zoom meetings, Go to meetings to hold virtual meetings.
  3. Fieldwork Methodology: The Research community around the world are having very difficult time especially those countries like ours that use predominantly Face to Face Think of exploring other methods such as online Focus groups (try zoom meeting or go to meeting.). Go to meeting provides better option if your client is attending the Focus group, otherwise we will recommend Zoom meeting which is more protected. There are much traffic at the moment with online panels and respondents seem to be complaining that they have little time. Choose what is best for you. Explore CATI and CAPI to web, or SMS/Whatsapp method if you have the capability. This is also a great time to create synergy with other Agencies for project coming into our country.


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