Elizabeth is a vibrant and enthusiastic Qualitative Research Specialist who has managed finances in different capacities over 10 years. Her capabilities lie in the ability to handle figures and cash in an orderly manner aided by her methodical way of thinking. This is thanks to her experience in dealing with large sums of money and budgets for different projects on the job and in the different associations where she has served as Financial Secretary/treasurer.

Elizabeth has experience of financial control and budgeting and has an eye for detail. In addition to her solid educational foundation, She has a passion for managing finances and this passion has transcended into a desire to advance the vision and mission of NiMRA.

In this role as Treasure of NiMRA, Elizabeth seeks to:

  • Ensure that financial decisions are promptly secured and carried out and that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place.
  • Ensure general financial oversight, Funding, fundraising and encouraged enrolment of new members.
  • Initiate Financial planning and budgeting.
  • Ensure up to date Financial reporting.

She understands that the Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management in any organization / association, therefore, working closely with other members of the team, she is determined to safeguard NiMRA’s finances.